Bubba Bubble Wholesale

We are pleased to offer local businesses the ability to give the gift of bubbles to their customers. Our current distributors are pleased to report the popularity of the items in their store. 

We offer orders in increments of 5 up to 40. We can fulfill orders within 3–5 business days of your order being placed. 

Re the Pink Terra tanks: These are less common, so we can only offer 5 at a time per store. 

Our distributors generally charge $14–$15 per exchanged tank (i.e., they give you an empty tank) and $27–$28 per purchased tank (i.e., they have no tank to exchange). 

Tanks for exchange are $9; the remaining $14 per tank is a deposit on the metal cylinder itself. When we pick up the empty tanks, we will tally them and credit your account for your next order.